There's also the 'memes' category

· Editorial

Another place the Onion article could be listed is under Memes, which is a safe place to stow any link that is currently riding the popularity charts in the blogosphere…
So, there are some unanswered questions embedded in earlier entries. I’ll try to sift them out soon, but they include deciding if having our editorial discussions in public is a good idea or a bad idea, and discussing some of the home page elements and deciding what to keep and what to remove.
For example, RFB currently features my Memewatch link log, which isn’t categorized and deals not just with blogs but with basically any low-threshold link I want to publish. (In fact, I linked to the Onion article and the Blogger follow-up there a few days ago.)
I like putting my link log on all my sites, but this is not just my site anymore, so maybe it shouldn’t be there?
We could make a new category for briefly noted links and exclude it from the main blog area and then list it in the sidebar.
Anyway, I will pull out the unanswered questions and post them here, probably tomorrow.

Dealing with duplicate pings

· Editorial

Weblogs often generate multiple trackback pings to the same entry. This is usually because a timeout in the initial ping caused the process to fail to acknowledge, so the sending weblog tries again next time the user updates the entry.
To avoid sending out duplicate pings, if you get an error after posting, go to the recipient blog and verify whether the ping made it or not. If it didn’t, try republishing the entry (MT will keep the ping URL handy until it knows it has worked). If it did, manually remove the ping URL from the box on the entry page in MT, so that it won’t be sent again if the entry is ever rebuilt.
As for incoming pings, that’s trickier. The main MT page lists the most recent 5 pings, but the items link out to the incoming post, so there’s no clue about which local entry was the recipient of the ping. For example, on the RFB main page right now, there are two incoming pings that are actually from RFB (filchy’s “Is linking like sex” entry). It was duplicated when he changes the capitalization of the entry and republished. It would have come through again, too, as the ping URL was still there in the box. (I removed it, but then later wished I had tracked it down.)
The thing is, I can’t tell which local entries those pings go to. Examining flichyboy’s posts, I can’t find any links to RFB entries, so it appears to be a manually added trackback. If I could find the recipient entry, I would manually delete the first ping and keep the second one (Which has the correct capitalization.)
By the way, sometimes you ping somebody and then notice a typo that is now memorialized on the pinged blog. In those cases, if it matters, I notify the person, fix the typo and reping them, and ask them to manually delete the incorrect one.

Help with comment permalinks

· Editorial

OK, I wanted the comments block on the home page to link to recent comments “filchyboy on Is linking like sex” etc. The problem is that the comment links just go to the entry and don’t scroll down automatically to the specific comment’s permalink.
I was poking around the templates documentation and I saw that I need to concatenate that CommentLinkID or something to the end of the individual entry URL but I’d rather copy a working example than figure out for myself what padding is needed if any, etc.
So then I thought I’d look at the individual entry template on the premise that it’s already putting permalink “name” attributes on the comments and that I could steal the formatting from that, but it appears that my individual archive template isn’t including comment permalinks (correct me if I’m wrong), so I need help with two thing:

  1. Add comment permalinks to the permanent archive page
  2. Fix the comment links on the home page to go directly to the indicated comment

These are both what I would consider interim fixes, maintenance to the existing templates that I don’t want to hold up in the process of developing new templates.


· Editorial

As Rayne noted to me in email this morning, we were hit with comment spam this morning. The only new thing about this is that it’s now hitting on articles I didn’t author, so I don’t necessarily see the email notification.
We have Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist installed, so all comment notification comes with a link for instant delinking and de-spamming.
When you get comment notification, check to see if it’s spam. If you’re not sure, we can discuss it. Usually it’s easy to tell, although this scandinavian pornographer posts a clever little paragraph that at first glance feels relevant but is really nonsense.
Anyway, when you click the despam link, you’re taken to a page where you can delete the message, add any URLs in it to our blacklist, and ban the IP. You can then do a search to see if they posted any other comments, and get those too.
Lately, spammers have included innocent URLs (, in their spam, apparently to see how careful we are being. I don’t want to ban those URLs, so I manually remove them from the blacklist before updating it. This is also easy to do in MT-Blacklist.
Sometimes when you do this, someone else may have caught the spam already, in which case MT-Blacklist will give you an error. That’s OK.

RFB InfoArch

· Editorial

Information architecture (IA) is just a fancy term for organizational structure.
Here are some things on my RFB IA to do list:
1. Reorg home page
2. Tweak categories
3. full site inventory
4. sitemap
5. review navigation
6. review nomenclature
7. search templates
8. external connections
author pages
monthly calendar view
popular searches?
logo / sitename
category nav
Recent blog entries
Date header (17 days)
Datestamp / posted by / permalink / category
Nav to earlier days at bottom (NEED THIS)
Internal resources
What is Radio Free Blogistan? – needs revision, add links to contributor’s names
Recent Entries (last 34)
Monthly Archives
Categories (actually in Banner)
This month (DEPRECATED)
On This Day in 2002, etc.
Via email digest (via Bloglet)
Syndicated Feeds
Blogroll Me! Link (via
Fine Print:
Creative Commons “some rights reserved” license
Credits:: {
Movable Type
Radio 8.0.8
MT-Blacklist (TO ADD)
Global Listings (TO ADD)
External resources
xian’s link log (The List) – bump up to 34 entries – DEBATE KEEPING
Lockergnome’s RSS Resource (last 10 headlines)
Google Ads
RFB contributors home blogs (last 5 headlines each) – MONOBLOG REPEATS RFB HEADLINES
Metablog News:
Weblogging for Poets
Dave Pollard’s Blogs and blogging Category
a klog apart
The Blog Herald
Blogonian (hasn’t updated recently) – CUT?
Other suggestions?
blogs signup
recently updates Salon blogs
Salong blog ranking
Well Beings blogroll (xian is on the well, Salon owns the well)
Technorati profile (should it still be just xian? – group picture?)
xian’s Sources: (RSS Feeds / Blogroll)
Masthead – contributor listing, with links to author pages
Recent Comments
Essential Reading (autogenerated, DONE TODAY)
Most popular
DONE TODAY (guessing, suggestions?) – there’s an MT plugin that can generate this with access to the logs. anyone want to help with that? anyone have a preferred apache log analyzer program in general? it would be cool also to abstract out all the incoming search terms, and maybe even make a zeitgeist page like that tensegrity guy does.
Recent Incoming Pings
Category refinements:
add descriptions
make pingable
update templates
Should we auto-ping out (to Blogroots, kmpings, etc.?)

Logos, drafts, syndication, and privacy

· Editorial

filch, I’d love to see your futurismistic logo ideas and see if Liza and you can get any synergy going.
I noticed that draft. Are you still going to flesh it out?
By QuickPost, you guys are talking about the TypePad bookmarklet? I didn’t realize it could post to MT blogs as well? I have used Zempt and NNW Pro and kung-log partly because they can post to any MT-esque blog. It’s a little annoying for me to have to use a separate bookmarklet to post to Pirillo’s RSS Resource, so I imagined you guys would have the same issue posting to RFB.
Rayne, you are new to MT. How is it working out? Anything need clarification?
Re filchy’s custom feed, sorry about including the byline. I probably just cloned the RFB template and didn’t notice that. By the way, does everyone like the way the credit is given? It’s in brackets at the end of the entry body, like so: [by Christian Crumlish].
We could also do it like Many-to-Many does where in their feed the byline is included after each title.
Re the syndication feed for this editorial blog, I changed it this morning from MT’s default excerpts to full post bodies.
Re the password, no, I haven’t yet figured out what I did wrong with .htaccess. Anyone with better Apache chops than me want to take a look? This means we are not writing in privacy, although the blog doen’t ping weblogs and we’re not promoting it.
A link out like Liza’s recently could theoretically show up in a referred log somewhere and bring strangers to this page. That may not actually be a bad thing. Open editorial proceedings can be a good thing, but if we would feel more free to cut loose knowing we were behind a wall, then we should do that. Let’s discuss this…