Blong: beyond the blog

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I’m starting a thought experiment around a next generation personal identity web presence tool that would replace a blog with something I’m calling a blong. It’s thus far vapor-specified but vis-a-vis existing blogging practices it would have to at least satisfy my two prime design directives:

  1. The geek’s hippocratic oath:

    I will not take away any funtionality without replacing with it something at least equal if not better in the judgement of the users

    (need help on the wordsmithery there), and

  2. xian’s law of “convergence already”

    Thou shalt not give me any more gadgets unless you can take away two gadgets for each one you give me”

    aka, beware of geeks bearing gifts.

My basic spec for a blong would call for logging and collaborative editing capabilities as the fundamental knowledge management tools, maximized open-standards-based interoperability.

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Query: blogs as primary online interaction tool?

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Nancy White from Full Circle asks (on the Well, in the blog conference):

Are any of you familiar with a community of practice that uses a blog or a collection of blogs as their primary form of online interaction tool? If so, I’m very interested in talking to them as part of a tech study we are doing on technologies for supporting distributed CoPs.

White also points out some slides from a presentation of this study.

Me plugged in

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George snapped this one of me recharging my iBook, Tuatha de Danaan, with his power outlet:

J.D. Lasica posted a bunch of great photos at New Media Musings. I’ll get around to posting my famous patented blurry / “action” photos when I get a moment free (ha!).
Reminder to self: I still have George’s power strip and power cord.
Posted from Boston.
I actually got locked into the baggage claim area at Logan this morning because I was blogging and was totally oblivious to my surroundings!

Social media = blogging + social networks?

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Chris Shipley is introducing Guidewire as a social media company, and she just defined social media as “media as a contact sport.”
She says that Guidewire coined the term social media. Is that right? I know Mary Hodder’s been using a lot recently but I haven’t found the earliest online cite.

I'm headed over to BlogOn now

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Maybe someone at BlogOn can help me with my upcoming Boston blog-marathon.
I figured out why my conventionology index was showing all recent entries to Telegraph and not just my conventionology categories from various blogs.
MT Global Listings doesn’t support categories.
Ouch. I love that thing. It makes most of my sites work the way they do. Stepan Ripa replied immediately to a comment from me on his blog and pointed me to a plugin that may do the trick.
But this may be when I should be writing a PHP page to access the underlying data, huh? Where’s shacker when you need him?
(Update: Uh, rather than crash the bootcamp, I think I’ll actually head over there closer to 5 pm.)