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  • Pattern languages interview

    In anticipation of the Pattern Library workshop I’m teaching with Erin Malone and Lucas Pettinati, Will Evans interviewed us for Boxes & Arrows, the premiere user experience magazine online. Will asked great questions and I think he brought out some interesting discussion among us all. Here’s a taste: Question: I have heard it argued that […]

  • About this new book I'm (co-)writing

    As you may know, I am writing a book with Erin Malone called Designing Social Interfaces for O’Reilly Media. Erin is the the founder of the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library and hired me to be its third curator. Today she is a partner at Tangible UX, a consulting firm, and I maintain the library as […]

  • Girl Talk at Yahoo!

    Girl Talk at Yahoo! Originally uploaded by kentbrew I do the white man’s overbite. Please @kentbrew, point that camera over at @cynk. ah. better. thnaks!

  • Design hacks with stencils and patterns

    These are the slides I worked from today in my talk at Yahoo! Open Hack Day 08, Design Hacks with Stencils & Patterns: View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: openhack08 hackday)

  • Open Hackday 08 begins

    hackday stage Originally uploaded by xian. I’m going to name the robots Foo and Bar. We still haven’t announced the musical act that will be performing on this stage tonight. So far I’ve heard Cody Simms and Neal Sample (Cody and Neal, hmmm….) give a great overview of YOS (with great visuals by Micah Laaker), […]

  • I'm helping Sir Christopher Wren build this here cathedral

    Or should I perhaps have found an anecdote with a bazaar in it for my title? I’ve been enjoying watching a lot of my fellow Y!OS cow-orkers “decloak” if you will and proudly announce to family and friends that yes, this Yahoo! Open strategy is what we’ve all been working on: