How Do I Make a Link to the Previous Day or Post at Bottom of Home Page?

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One Movable Type feature I really like is the back and forward links built into the standard template. Since I generally have many posts per day, I’m only showing three days right now on my home page. I’d like it if at the bottom of the page there were always a link to the previous day/post. That shouldn’t be so hard to do, right?

Media Junkie Update

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New at Junk Mail since the last update here:

  • A prescient blast from the past (The Onion on Bush’s inaugural)
  • Bill Moyers defends his ethics and NOW
  • Salon wonders if Harken will become W.’s Whitewater
  • Possible U.S. coverup of Afghan wedding disaster
  • SEC never “exonerated” Bush
  • Salon Blog: Bush Impeachment Countdown
  • Talking Points Memo on Homeland Security unionbusting
  • Protesters calmly assert right to peaceably assemble
  • Counterpunch challenges some popular myths about Islam