Go see Cecil next week!

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Next Tuesday night (October 18th), Cecil aka Dan aka Cecil will be reading various poems and poem-like shtick at C’era Una Volta, located in the heart of The Island City (aka Alameda).
Says Dan^H^H^HCecil:

They’re even being nice enough to provide free appetizers, for reasons I can’t quite figure out. So maybe I just dreamt that.
Starts at 7. I think it’ll be wrapped by 8:30 or so. John Wright, a good pal of mine and an outstanding musician, will start the night off with some fab guitar.
If it happens to fit in with your schedule, we would love to see ya there. I will say this: if you’re only going to hear me read poetry once in your life, this is probably the best time to do it. Because they’ll have free appetizers.
Unless I dreamt that.
– Dan (aka Cecil [aka Dan] )

Date and time: Tuesday, October 18th, 7 pm
Place: C’era Una Volta
Address: 1332 Park St., Alameda (510.769.4828)
Admission: Free as the day is long. And the day is long.

New Orleans will rise again

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I even think there will be a Mardi Gras, but this is some good news (from The Times-Picayune):

The 2006 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival will go on

by Zack Smith
“There will be a Jazzfest. We are committed to putting on the 2006 Jazz and Heritage Festival, whatever that may take,” said Quint Davis, producer/director of the springtime musical extravaganza and president of Festival Productions Inc.-New Orleans, which produces the festival with AEG Live, the nation’s second highest-grossing concert promoter.
Details are sketchy at this point.
“We don’t know when, we don’t know where, we don’t know what format,” Davis said. “There will be a Jazzfest in 2006. It will be in Louisiana. It will be as close to New Orleans as we can get it.”
The producers would like to hold the event at its customary site at the Fair Grounds Race Course, but if that’s not possible they are committed to holding it in Louisiana. “We’ll be starting from the Fair Grounds and working our way out” in determining a location, Davis said.
This commitment comes from all of the major stakeholders in the festival, Davis said.
Davis and Jazzfest founder George Wein have met with AEG Live Chief Executive Officer Randy Phillips and other top AEG Live officials. AEG will continue to bankroll the festival, as it did in 2005.
The plan to go forward with the 2006 festival has the support of members of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation, which owns the festival. Davis and Phillips have been in contact with foundation Executive Director Don Marshall, who has been in contact with board members.
The producers and the foundation also have committed to contribute to a fund to support festival staff, many of whom have been dislocated by Hurricane Katrina. Jazzfest planning typically begins in September.

Charlie Parker jams

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Driving back to my office on 101 North from Santa Clara I hit the button for KCSM and caught most of “Jam Blues” by Charlie Parker and an all-star crew. I’m going to have to get me that record. It was a perfect California moment, sailing up the freeway with Bird blowing in my ear.
Barney Kessel’s guitar solo was particularly sweet. Oscar Peterson, Ben Webster, Benny Carter, Charlie Shavers, and Johnny Hodges all took turns as well, each one burning up the tracks without cutting each other or showing away.
Nice interlude in the middle of another hectic workday.


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If only my minor email lossage of the last week had been the end of the story, but through superior advanced dimwittedness, I managed to lost my entire personal computer archive (email, desktop wiki notes, and all documents) since roughly December of last year. It feels a bit like having a house burn down. You keep reaching for missing objects and then feeling their loss all over again.
I am in fact posting this from the Apple Store in Emeryville, where I’ve spent perhaps 20 hours over the last three weeks trying to diagnose and fix the problems with my iBook.
Wait, I think I’m next. More to come.