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  • Thirty-six years ago today

    One small step for a man, one giant leap for moonkind. Be sure to zoom all the way in.

  • As PNH calls it: The book meme that ate blogdom's brain

    OK, OK, I’ll play (I guess you can call this entry the final straw, although I wasn’t “tagged” by it, so this is kind of a bastard-child in terms of meme lineage): Total number of books owned: No idea. At least 2000. Possibly double that, counting boxes of books in the basement. Would be a…

  • This doesn't surprise me

    Quoting from More Alan Furst Blogging: More Alan Furst blogging, this time from Unqualified Offerings: Unqualified Offerings: Henry Farrell got me into a to-do for novelist Alan Furst at GWU this evening. The food was fabulous and the author did not disappoint. Controversial GWU President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg did the introduction, and it was good…

  • Bloggers trying to have it both ways with the FEC?

    I read Chris Nolan because she makes me think and she teases out subtleties that ordinarily might escape me. In The Man Behind the Curtain she takes Kos to task for promoting a future in which bloggers have all the exemptions of journalists and all the freedoms of partisan hacks: The idea of getting money…

  • By the reefers of Bobby-lawn

    Ed Ward reminisces about Bob Marley and the Wailers and the rock music journalism scene of the mid 1970s, a reverie triggered by an old photo sent to him by an old friend. Great stuff.

  • TPM Cafe launches

    Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo blog has spawned a group weblog experiment called TPM Café. Like other popular political community blogs such as Daily Kos, MyDD, and, TPMCafe runs on Scoop. For more information about participating, see the site’s Frequently Asked Questions.