Category: Songs for Beginners

  • Goodnight, Irene (raw mix)

    Sometimes I live in the country Soometimes I live in the town Sometimes I live inside a bass amp And run Cecil’s organ through a classic rock guitar filter for that sludgy hard rawk sound. Laramie gave me the chord changes. I wrote ’em for Cecil. He played ’em on his electric pianer thing and […]

  • Let's get Meta-phiz-sick-ill

    metaphizickillin’ great tase less filling when i’m chill’n dissing bob dylan* while my radiator’s illin’ *see remix nightmare (land of toil and bluff mix), see also Metaphysical home[sic] Blooz Nos. 12 and 35 if only because of the stoopit name. And plus that’s what this post is about to, almost forgot.

  • Effervescing Elephant (Take 6)

    Another reference track, a uke-and-voice take of EE. (Separate rhythm and vocal tracks available for anyone who wants to mess with them.)

  • The Yeah Yeah Song (Take 3)

    I’m starting to work out a bridge and even some finger-picking ideas for the verses of this song. I’m refining the lyrics and haev some thoughts for lyrics for the bridge as well. This take starts off as a straight rhythm-uke reading of the first verse and a clumsy finger-picked take of the second, before […]

  • Postcartesian Metaphysical Home[sic] Blues

    Not knowing the real words to the Wesley-esque hymn transmitted to me through John Fahey’s Skip James-loving hands, I’ve made up some postcartesian lyrics of my own. Here’s a reference vocal take of all the verses.

  • No Outside

    Cecil found the chords underlying my vocal, and has developed them in a new direction. I am having trouble matching his time (swing, swing) but it’s fun trying on this take of No Outside.