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  • The Isolation of George W. Bush

    [T]he neocons seem ready now to start acting unilaterally again [against Iran]….[A] grand bargain wouldn’t serve America’s purpose in the middle east…” DKo, 2/23/07 Well, there is “America’s purpose in the middle east,” and there are the neocons–increasingly two different animals. “America’s purpose,” (as defined by the ruling elites, and represented by the Iraq Study […]

  • You Don’t Have to Be a Genius

    Diplomats Seek Way to ‘Reengage’ Iran, WP, 2/27/07 Really? They’re not “seeking” very hard. Try this: 1. START TALKS, without preconditions. 2. If you can’t make a deal, STOP TALKS. The WP article

  • Will the US Attack Iran?

    I think an attack on Iran has to be pre-opposed, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Sufficient in itself is the presence of American “hostage-troops” in Iraq. The vulnerable supply-lines from the south–and their personnel–would be ravaged by Iranians and Iraqi Shiites, including much of the Iraqi Army, cutting off the rest of […]

  • No template for you!

    U.S. holds out North Korea deal as model for Iran, Reuters …White House spokesman Tony Snow called the deal a “template…” But this is the precisely the template the US has refused! We talked with North Korea, both in the six-party talks and in bilateral meetings, without preconditions. We could start Iranian talks tomorrow morning, […]

  • Serious Word Play

    The specific wording of a widely reported statement by Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, following his recent meeting with Secretary Rice, might actually become significant at some point. “Olmert said any Palestinian government must accept the three conditions laid down by the ‘Quartet’ of Mideast mediators…” Previously, it was also Hamas itself that had to accept […]

  • The Military Commissions–Worse than Just Procedures

    Pentagon sets rules for terrorism suspect trials WASHINGTON (Reuters), 1/18/07 – The Pentagon on Thursday gave broad discretion to judges to decide what evidence may be presented against suspected…Taliban members facing trial in the new military commissions court system. DKo: So, suspected terrorists and suspected Taliban members may be regarded interchangeably. And, indeed, that is […]