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  • Global Warming Walking Points Gore’s speech enumerates well-documented scientific evidence that the global climate is changing significantly — and fast. Here are a few data points: Global CO2 levels are way outside what have been historical norms over several hundred thousand years. All ten of the hottest years on record, globally, have occurred in the last 15 years. […]

  • National Security–China and Everywhere Else

    The Click That Broke a Government’s Grip, Washington Post The government has sought to control what people read and write on the Web, employing a bureaucracy of censors and one of the world’s most technologically sophisticated systems of filters. DKo: Only when the government has determined there is a danger to national security. If you […]

  • There’s an irony in that irony (Plus me showing off).

    In 2004, “radical Shiite Muslim cleric” Muqtada Sadr took control of the holy places in Kerbala and led a bloody, extended anti-US uprising there. In the end, the US military was compelled by Shiite leaders to allow Sadr’s Mahdi Army to leave the city under the protection of a cease fire. However, the US still […]

  • At Last! A Voice for “The Aspirations of the Iranian People”

    Rice Asks for $75 Million to Increase Pressure on Iran, Washington Post “…including expanding radio and television broadcasts into Iran and promoting internal opposition to the rule of religious leaders….'[W]e are going to work to support the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom in their own country,’ Rice told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee…” […]

  • Cultural Conservatism–Eerily Apt from Lenin

    “In civilized Europe [i.e., the USA of his day], with its highly developed machine industry, its rich, multiform culture and its constitutions, a point of history has been reached when the commanding bourgeoisie, fearing the growth and increasing strength of the proletariat, comes out in support of everything backward, moribund, and medieval …” (V. I. […]

  • This calls for at least 200 recommendations!

    Disaster Response Changes Promised Administration Admits Katrina Flaws, Moves to Retool Homeland Security [A] government-wide review due later this month…[will] make more than 100 recommendations…” Washington Post DKo: I think this calls for at least 200 recommendations.