Lesson from a Master

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Lai-chui Hsien of Hopei achieved great mastery of Chinese neijia (“internal martial art”–Tai-Chi, etc.)
“Sometimes when following the technique exactly, you feel that your body is not coordinated, your abdomen does not feel good, the postures are bad, and you are not happy.
“Do not worry! You have gained something and are at a point where you can solve your problems. Do not despair! Instead, ask guidance of your teacher. You then comprehend, everything will crystallize in your mind, and out of great confusion will come bliss, certainty. and progress.”

Lovely, interesting

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A 30,000-year-old instrument is uncovered in southern Germany:

His early experimentation suggests that the old flute would have allowed a relatively sophisticated level of musical variation. “The tones are quite harmonic,” he says. They don’t seem to follow a diatonic scale, he notes, but rather the rules of the pentatonic scale that predominates in Asia.

Here’s a melody that the flute would have been capable of playing.

Do Economists Indulge in Parenthetical Witticisms?

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Thursday 12/16/2004
RELEASE: In October, Czech retail sales continued to follow the trend of the preceding months and increased…1.1% on a seasonally adjusted month-to-month basis. On a year-ago basis, retail sales advanced 1.7% (not seasonally adjusted).
DKo: A full-year seasonal adjustment? It must make sense somehow, but it does sound funny. Economists don’t indulge in parenthetical witticisms. Do they?
I suppose we could make a kind of full-year “seasonal adjustment,” if we based it on the Kondratieff “long-business-cycle” (45-60 years, really, look it up), in which case 2004 would indeed feel like a long, pervasive, “seasonal” downturn.