Blogher kick off

· Event blogging

Sounds like last night was fun. Finally got the wireless working on my Mac. Sadly, I brought the camera but not the memory card, so I won’t be able to post pictures (except via the phone).
Already meeting a lot of cool people. It’s great to be in a room that is 80% women. I will be practicing listening and shutting up today.
Friends seen already this morning include RFB contributor Liza Sabater, Mary Hodder, and Halley Suitt.
Starting with survey results from the registration process. Responders don’t want just talk but want practical take-aways and two-way dialogues.

See you at Blogher!

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I won’t be there this evening for any pre-schmoozing, but I will be driving down to San Jose bright and early tomorrow a.m. to take in the splendor that will be Blogher. I’ll bring the camera and try to post some shots during the day or soon afterward.

SXSW and Etech as swear words

· Event blogging

Quoting 90% Crud: Thank you for not mentioning the outside world:

Is there a proxy that would let me filter any content with the words “SXSW” or “ETech”? That would help me feel a bit better about being in Michigan over the next week. I suspect the Chinese have it in place to keep all their geeks from spending this week in the US. Maybe there’s something to auto-block people who use those words in IM, or I could install something like netnanny and tell it that those are swear words. Not that I’m bitter…

And here I am in the green room sitting several tables away from Jonl and Emilyg and Choconancy just because I need to be plugged into a power outlet. Priorities, dude! get some, he chastised himself.

On the road again

· conventionology

Life’s been a little crazy for personal journaling lately, but the pent-up urge to blog is reasserting itself. I flew into JFK on the jetblue redeye last night and have been holed up in the family compound in Manhattan today drinking liquids and recovering.
Tomorrow I’ll check out the Tank and the other liberal bloggers covering the convention. I wasn’t tempted to venture out into the protests today. It was too hot and I was too headachey and sleepy.
Haven’t eaten all day but not sure I actually need to. A little coffee helped the headache. Time for another glass of water.