SXSW and Etech as swear words

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Quoting 90% Crud: Thank you for not mentioning the outside world:

Is there a proxy that would let me filter any content with the words “SXSW” or “ETech”? That would help me feel a bit better about being in Michigan over the next week. I suspect the Chinese have it in place to keep all their geeks from spending this week in the US. Maybe there’s something to auto-block people who use those words in IM, or I could install something like netnanny and tell it that those are swear words. Not that I’m bitter…

And here I am in the green room sitting several tables away from Jonl and Emilyg and Choconancy just because I need to be plugged into a power outlet. Priorities, dude! get some, he chastised himself.

Rex Hammock is not blogging SXSW

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But he is pointing to people sitting near him who are. I’m in the Blogging Showdown session that hasn’t commenced yet, where we’ll get to hear some of the leading lights of nanopublishing comparing their products and maybe even confessing to some of the warts therein. If not, I’m sure the audience will hold their feet to the fire.

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