Some days I feel like moving back to New York

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When I realize that I’ll probably miss my 25th grade school reunion in June and I miss my mother on mother’s day and I wish I had been at my brother’s birthday sendoff before his next trip to Greece, I sometimes think about moving back to New York.

Other times I don’t:

Sure, you passed Nathan Lane once. So what! Does that make up for seeing some guy defecating on a staircase? I think not. And what people call the “energy and buzz” of the city is actually called “fire engines and honking” by the rest of the world.

P.S.: Heard Paul Ford’s voice for the first time today when I caught the end of his story-commentary on NPR. Hey, Paul, ask them to mention your URL next time. “Paul Ford is a writer who lives in Brooklyn” is so cool it’s brittle.


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[some, but not all, of the oakrageous attendees]A week ago today, before I realized how sick I was getting, I made it down to downtown Oakland for (second?) Oakland bloggers’ (and auxiliary) luncheon at the Pacific Coast Brewery, aka Ladies (& Gents) Who Lunch (or: A much-needed excuse to leave the house).

What a great gang of folks, some familiar to me from their web presences, other delightful to meet for the first time in any medium!

I will steal Gwen‘s HTML to deliver some hyperlinked shout-outs:

George, Bob, Adrienne, Robyn, Jhames, Gareth, Lisa, Ben, Min Jung, co-Nonchalance-ateer Melissa, Lara from Oaklog, Starmama, Jessica, Joe (archive), his site-less (!) friend Joe, and a too-brief appearance by [her] luscious boy.

It was nice connecting with Adrienne, who was once my contracts contact at one of my publishers and who came bearing a copy of ZZ Packer‘s short story collection, which she will be reviewing for Salon.

It was a great time. What awesome people orbiting this cool little city. Supposedly, the next event will be a happy hour, and I hope I have my drinking legs back by then (a week from now?).

I snapped some pictures and, as I occasionally do, accidentally shot a snippet of movie footage as well, which I’ve thrown together into a quick-and-dirty photo album with Dreamweaver.

Brought home the good weather

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Everyone says it’s rained pretty hard the whole time we were out of town, but it was only partly cloudy (thick, fat clouds, though, with gray areas) last night and today I’m seeing the same windswept crystal blue sky we had in New Orleans, decorated by the local variety of cloudfluff, so maybe the same unusually weather we got down there came back with us on the plane?

[backyard sky]

Down here on earth, back in the maelstrom it is.