Sleepless Planet's call for submissions.

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Sleepless Planet’s call for submissions.

Warren Ellis announces SLEEPLESS PLANET in his die puny humans blog, calling it “a one-year-long nonprofit webmagazine about creativity and activism on the web and any other bloody thing I feel like. It pays no money. It provides only the opportunity to show what you do to a wider audience and, hopefully, connect you with other people.”

He is seeking broadsides, MP3s, and Flash creations.

Ishle unplugged. While I didn't

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Ishle unplugged.

While I didn’t manage to stay long enough to see all three bands (I missed Zmrzlina and Sonny Smith) at Watchword‘s Dec 8 event at Caf&eacute du Nord, I did catch Sam Tsitrin’s new combo, Ebb and Flow, who presented a fluid velvet beefheart groove style, and I heard all three poets (Ishle Yi Park, Maw Shein Win, and Stephanie Young) perform. They rekindled my love of words and sense of belonging to a community of people who care about writing and art and human expression and partying and uncomfortable truths and love.

Stephanie Young repeatedly conjured miniature worlds of writing and day-to-day life, her poems at times plaintive like worksongs put me in little wordplay reality trances.

But it was Ishle who rocked the house, moving the podium and microphone to one side and singing out her poetry in a street-informed voice, defiant, sensitive, and funny.

I believe she has a new book of poetry coming out, or you can buy her self-published Girl Fish at her website.

Also included at the site are a few of her poems (including her showstopper, “Pussy”), a list of upcoming events, and a journal:

i used to be a corporate paralegal, saving poems on disks between photocopying depositions for this fat ass farting white republican lawyer. i got paid mad loot, but jesus christ, thank god i left! and i used to live in the bronx with my ex-man, watching blockbuster videos every night and fighting. once every three months I’d go to a poetry reading. quitting that job, and quitting that man, gave me time and energy to dedicate to myself, and my writing, and going to open mics, which became features, which eventually became this crazy, blessed life.

New reading series in San

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New reading series in San Francisco.

Wednesday, December 4th at 7:30 pm
2390 Mission Street Suite #10, at 20th and Mission

New Series    New Writing///a creative//    new series of readings by some of the BayArea’s most talented writers   plus a free chapbook at every readingtonight’s fabulous readers:Chaim Bertman, Sasha Cagen, Stephanie Young, Liz WorthyFor further information contact Jenny Bitner.

True dat

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What do you call a garden blog written by two people, discussing their plans, decision, thoughts, reflections, illustrated with digital images of the two gardens or the plants in them, with links to other gardening resources and the few (very few) other easily-findable examples of literate garden writing online?

Briggs and Rich call it True Dirt. I’m biased. I’m a fan of both the writers. But I’m really enjoying it, even though the extent of my gardening is delimited by the boundaries of the hammock.

We’re still shaking down the design of the pages, but the site is now uncloaked, pinging, and, and listed on my blogroll at RFB. Next stop Eatonweb.

(originally posted on artsflow as True dat)

New arts journal: Princeton Independent.

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New arts journal: Princeton Independent.

Princeton University hosts an alumni network service called TigerNet, featuring mailing lists among other services. One such list is called Princeton-Writing and serves as a kind of coffeepot for writers.

Eric Lubell, a writer from the Princeton class of ’76, felt that alumni are not especially well served by the misnamed Princeton Alumni Weekly and determined instead to develop an interesting magazine by, for, and about Princeton alumni (as opposed to a PR organ for the university’s administration and physical plant).

The magazine, The Princeton Independent has just published its first issue exclusively on the Web (in Flash format).

Issue No. 1 celebrates the writers of Princeton’s class of 1948, and was designed by iFrancis, class of ’90.

Watchword Issue 4 Release Party

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Watchword Issue 4 Release Party at Café du Nord (in S.F.) on December 8.

Watchword Press is proud to annouce the release of their fourth issue of Watchword by hosting an exciting evening of literary entertainment featuring contributors Ishle Yi Park, Maw Shein Win, and Stephanie Young. Also, come hear the mesmerizing music of Zmrzlina, Sonny Smith, and The Ebb and Flow. And… you won’t want to miss our fundraising raffle, featuring prizes ranging from SFMOMA passes to massage therapy, to homemade scarves and sake sets.

Sunday, December 8th, 2002
7pm to 11pm at Café du Nord
2170 Market Street, at Sanchez 415.861.5016
$5–$15 sliding scale
(all proceeds benefit Watchword Press editorial programs)

Watchword Press is a nonprofit publishing house dedicated to promoting the work of emerging writers, who are generally underrepresented by the larger, market-driven commercial publishing houses. To learn more about our programs, subscribe, or make a tax-deductible donation, check out

For questions, please contact danielle[at]

Hope to see you there!