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  • Cadenhead revamps Buzzword hosting

    In Weblog Hosting Priced to Move, Rogers Cadenhead explains that hosting the refugees has turned out not to be as cost-intensive as he anticipated and that with some sponsored links he will be able to continue to host all active migrated blogs at for free.

  • The biter bit

    Warner Bros. dabbles in the MP3-blogging space as a p.r. strategy (paging Steve Rubel) and gets a bit burned by the experience, according to this New York Times article: Warner’s Tryst With Bloggers Hits Sour Note. I’ll have to check out J.D.’s coverage of this story. (nonrotting link courtesy of the userland-partnership feature, generated automatically […]

  • Movable Type's professional logging play

    Farhad Manjoo chronicles Movable Type’s rise from a opular nearly free weblogging tool to a product positioning itself for the corporate market ( Technology | Blogging grows up).

  • 11th annual Waterside Conference

    As some of my readers know, my literary agency, Waterside, hosts a publishing and technology conference every spring. For years we did it in San Diego near the Waterside mothership but last year we did it in Berkeley and had such a good time we’re having it there again. This year’s conference (Waterside: Conference 11.0) […]

  • Weblog strategies for enterprise knowledge management

    At urgreyhot, jibbajabba posts links to several versions of a slideshow for the Computers in Libraries conference on the topic urlgreyhot : Supporting enterprise knowledge management with weblogs: A weblog services roadmap.

  • Woe at Macromedia

    Scott Kessler writes in Business Week that Macromedia has suffered from its acquisition of Allaire and continues to see soft demand for its products: Macromedia’s wager was poorly timed. Some 17 months after the company bought Allaire, demand for its products is still weak and there’s no recovery in sight. In effect, the company doubled […]