D.I.Y. Media: Consumer is the Producer

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See me speak at SXSW
The title of this entry is also the title of a panel I’m moderating at the Interactive portion of the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, at 3:30 on March 14.
The panelists include Phillip Torrone and Natalie Zee from O’Reilly’s Make magazine, Cameron Shaw from AOL, and Limor Fried from EYEBEAM (and late of MIT’s Media Lab). The panelists will be talking about how consumers of media are becoming producers of media (and media objects).
I’ll talk a bit about how blogs and wikis and other online social media are putting people at the center of their own information ecosystems instead of relegating them to the fringes of a mass-media dominated discourse, but mostly I’ll be introducing the other speakers and keeping time.
I’m not sure how well the SXSW banner fits the design of this site, so I’m going to let it gradually scroll off the page along with this entry instead of stowing it in the sidebar.

AIGA relaunches GAIN journal of business and design

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AIGA, a designers’ professional association is relaunching its web journal, GAIN:

The Gain journal is dedicated to stimulating thinking at the intersection of design and business. Through rigorous case studies and thoughtful interviews, the journal demonstrates how the process of design can be used to solve business problems, foster innovation, build meaningful customer relationships and differentiate products from competitors.

Gain has a new team: managing editor, Karen McGrane, and mailing list moderator, Jeff Lash….

[R]eaders are invited to join a discussion through a new mailing list, AIGA-Gain –an informal, open discussion on topics at the intersection of design and business. The mailing list will focus on one topic per week.

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