Blogging at 56K

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Arrived JFK last night around 11:20. Cab to the village, a little late night conversation, and then sleep. Now it’s just after 10:30 a.m. east coast time, so about 7:30 to my west-coast head. Soon I’ll go out in search of coffee and a newspaper. In the meantime, I couldn’t resist connecting over my host’s phone line.
This page seems to load up fairly readily over the modem, so that’s gratifying. Doing text like this is not too bandwidth-intensive, so I’m not noticing any issues. I think I do have to change my outgoing mail servers since I use Earthlink for dialup when on the road (Pacbell, er SBC DSL when at home).
After all the traffic the last few days I’m curious about spillover today and also further links in, so next step in my routine, besides looking at mail, will be a little referrer log browsing.
This is not to say that I won’t plug into a fast connection if I find one. There must be a cybercafé somewhere nearby.

Radio Question: Recently Updated Notification

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A reader I’ve been discussing blog page-design with asks me:

Got one more query for you if you don’t mind. For some reason, my page is no longer showing up on the “Updated Weblogs” page, although it does show up on referrals and rankings. I’ve been tuning a bit and it’s possible I deleted something but I don’t think so. I also compared my html for the homepage against a backup I have and I didn’t see anything obviously out of whack.

I’m guessing maybe it’s this bit:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!-- var imageUrl = ""; var imageTag = "<img src=\"" + imageUrl + "?group=default&usernum=1111&referer=" + escape (document.referrer) + "\" height=\"1\" width=\"1\">";
document.write (imageTag);

but that’s just a guess. Does any Radio expert want to confirm or correct?

Continued Category Chaos

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Well, per my last entry, the fix listed fixed some problems but the category/navigator links still look messed up. Again this seems to have to do with when things are re-rendered. Frustrating….
Apologies for the design inconsistencies as I try to resolve these technical difficulties.
In other news, I just opened a Café Press store and will start uploading swag designs there soon so we can all drink coffee out of our revolutionary Blogistan mugs and wear our retro-kitsch Soviet imagery on good capitalistic t-shirts and trucker hats.

Losing My Background Image

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That’s me in the corner…
Uh, somehow Radio streamed my home template in a way that changed the syntax of the body style declaration. It added an <a href etc. around the url, the way you would turn a raw address into a link, but not in my template!
Any idea why this is happening and how to prevent? I’m hoping that replacing the file will force it back, though I still don’t understand how to control upstreaming of templates.

Radio Question: Upstream to /www/images?

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Experimenting with a new design, a kind of bastard stepchild CSS/tables monstrosity. Anyway, I can’t seem to get the jpg to upstream into the /www/images/ directory. Do I have to put all my art in myPictures?
Things need padding, and I have to learn how clearing and floating works to get better at placing CSS boxes. Next step is to take apart the main table and put the side nav in its own div.