Oakland District 2 Council seat candidate's night

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A month or so ago my city council representative, Danny Wan, resigned to take a better-paying position with the Port of Oakland.
Justin Horner, the chief of staff for city councilmember Jane Brunner, is one of the candidates for the seat in the special election. He’s also a neighbor of mine. He came by knocking on doors a few weeks ago and we talked about the Dean campaign. He had hosted a houseparty as a volunteer for Dean and raised a lot more money than he had expected, which planted the seed in his mind that it might not be far-fetched to run himself.
I’d like to know more about the other candidates running, so this event I read about on the Well looks like something I should try to attend:

Another date to put in your calendar is Monday, February 28. Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church’s sanctuary will be the site of a District 2 Council seat Candidate’s Night to be coordinated by the League of Women Voters beginning at 7 PM. If you can’t attend that evening, the League is also hosting a debate later in the week at City Hall that will be broadcast on KTOP.

South Lake

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B commented on how it seems that numerous people we know have bought houses in the Brooklyn area on the south side of Lake Merritt (between Lake Shore and Park Boulevard). We live in a strangle little interstitial rhombus, bounded roughly by Oakland High on Park Blvd., Highland Hospital over on 14th. Ave., 580, the great class-divider in Oakland, between hills flats, high foothills and low foothills, the old MacArthur Boulevard route that turned Oakland into a commuter throughway, its traditional thoroughfares reduced to snaking over and underpassing the concrete, and some arbitrary point around 27th or 24th Street, in what used to known as the San Antonio area – probably a former ranch.
The patch between Park Blvd. and the Lake is more fashionable than our multiculti enclave, but they’re not too far apart. If you include the lately bustling Lake Shore area on the near side of the Grand Lake Thetre and the Trestle Glen / Glenview area near Park Blvd. above 580 (sometimes known as “baja Piedmont”), you’ve got a nice little thing going on.
I’m calling this rough area South Lake to give it some geographical context around Lake Merritt, which is the geographical focus of Oakland for me as well as, of course, not actually being a lake.

Yowza! (temblor)

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I just bolted off the couch when a very sudden sharp earthquake (rather vertical in its motion) flashed through our house. It was followed by some rapid juddering that shook the chandelier. Apparenlty it was about a 5.0 (felt like more) and centered near Piedmont (no wonder, that’s just a mile or so from here). Talk about panic. I was up in a flash and my heart is still racing.