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  • What is NewsMax?

    And why does it send me right-wing spam?

  • I cried tonight

    I was watching the Frontline documentary on how 9/11 impacted the religious faith of various people involved either directly (such as those who lost loved ones) or indirectly (the rest of us who were terrified by the diabolical spectacle) when a Conservative rabbi started singing a text with the intonations of a cantor, as if…

  • File not found

    This 404 error file makes good use of Comical Ali.

  • Saddam hussy?

    This Yahoo entertainment news and gossip article (Saddam Starred in Gay Porn Films!) reads like an Onion article or some disinformation, but who knows? Say, wasn’t Salam Pax reported to be a closeted gay man (I think I read that in the New Yorker) from a well connected family?

  • Morans

    Has everyone on the planet seen the morans picture by now?

  • Consensus on 'depleted uranium'?

    From the left (and from John Perry Barlow, recently) I keep hearing about how the U.S. and NATO use depleted uranium in their weapons, putting Iraqis (and others) at risk of radiation poisoning or genetic abnormalities. I also seem to recall scoffing at this or “debunking” of the danger from the right, but I don’t…