Past speaking engagements

From Information Architect to Head of Product: A Journey through Multiple Gateways (The IA Conference, Orlando) In this talk I will share how the skills I learned as an IA have helped me on this career journey and through this series of gates in search of meaning. [+]
Christian will be teaching a workshop at the IA Conference in Orlando for product-curious information architects and UX practitioners. [+]
Christian is hosting Jim Kalbach, who will speak and present on design and jazz improvisation. Stay tuned for news of possible live music as part of the program… [+]
Christian will be chairing a panel at the conference called "'When Your Dreams Come True': History, Memoirs, and the Literary Grateful Dead." [+]
Christian will be participating in Up To All of Us, a summit of thinkers, makers and doers from all over the world. [+]