Housekeeping & Navelgazing

I’m pushing the new site design across all the categories, hence this post into every category. Apologies for its off-topicness outside of ‘metablog’ and ‘radioactive’. Or rather, let me make it on topic, by discussing my categories a little, which I have just rationalized.
While the mission of this blog is to talk about blogging, the nature of blogging is such that I want to be able to do other things in this space. I could keep them off the home page when not about blogging, but I’d rather use my discretion about when something belongs on the home page (most of the time) and when to just send it to a category or two.
Rather, I’d say that if you’re reading this blog just for the news, tips, and comparisons of blog products, then consider going to the ‘metablog’ category as a matter of course (or subscribing to its RSS feed). This will filter your Radio Free Blogistan flow to just posts about blogs and blogging.
I will try to implement a dynamic filter so you can view or hide different categories all on the home page, but I’m not there yet. In the meantime, a brief explanation of my categories as they currently stand:
Blogging about blogging, and blogging about blogging about blogging, but never blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging, I promise!
What does blogging tell us about content and knowledge management in the enterprise space?
Required reading about weblogs and the state of writing online.
Counting memes by candlelight. All are dim but one is bright.
Dreamweaver, Fireworks, web design and web practices.
Radio questions channel aggregated by dws.
Occasional intemperate outbursts.
Salon, Salon blogs,
X-references to and from my other blogs. RSS Monkey help me.