I'm baaaack…

Geez, you go away for a long weekend and the pornographer blog knocks you back down to fourth place in the all-time rankings….
John McCain was surprisingly funny on Saturday Night Live.
Got to watch the Sopranos in my hotel room last night. (Without cable I usually have to wait a year or so for each next season.)
What else? I didn’t experience much withdrawal being away from my ‘puter and other devices since Friday. Didn’t even mind much when I realized our hotel was one of the few that still offers free high-speed (T1) access in each room.
jetBlue still rocks.
I got a lot of spam in three-and-a-half days.
Someone posted a second 5-star review of my Dreamweaver book at Amazon. That was a nice surprise.
By the way, to people on the review copy list for that book: the new intern is on board and sent them out either Friday or today, so they should be arriving soon.
Lots of interesting stuff in my aggregator! I like the new comment link for each entry. Very cool!