Leaving New York, On a Jet Plane

When I scheduled this family trip to New York, it was a no-brainer to set up my return for today, September 11. It was about a week after my departure date, the fares were a little better, and it just felt right.
I can observe the anniverary of our grief in my native city, and I can still exercise my prerogative of free unpassported movement around this country.
If the Qaida and its fellow travelers are really that good at havoc, that they can match what was itself an arbitrary date, and overcome heightened airline security, or visit destruction on New York in some other way, then I will honestly be astonished. Even in this unlikely situation, the odds that my particular airplane will be the instrument of another attack seems beyond remote.
For all my New York friends and bloggers whom I didn’t have a chance to visit on this trip, I will be back again in December with a less full schedule. Let’s try to get together then.
In the meantime I will travel and live my life the way I want without cringing in fear of superstition and numerology.