Moving my personal blog from LiveJournal to Movable Type

Lost our lease. Here’s the message I posted to Bodega today to announce the beginning of another move:

I’m afraid LiveJournal friends, that I’ll be vacating this little corner bodega sometime soon, having relocated the locus of my personal blogging to a MovableType-powered blog called X-POLLEN.

I will try to do a number of things:

  1. Import all my bodega entries into x-pollen (then i may go back and import still breathing and breathing room some day as well).
  2. Try to get this blog or a new one in LJ land to mirror the x-pollen blog or figure out how my friends can add the the RSS feed for x-pollen to their LJ friends lists. I don’t want to lose any friends by doing this—I’m already giving up threaded comments
  3. Make sure there is an easy way to get to x-pollen from this blog for old-time readers who may stop by to visit from time to time.

The move will probably take some time to complete, but I have already begun posting to the new blog, so I can’t promise there will be much more here besides probably news about the move and its progress.

In other xian blog news, I have moved Radio Free Blogistan from to .

Lots of fun stuff going on in my little microcontent universe. Nanocontent?