Radio Question: Recently Updated Notification

A reader I’ve been discussing blog page-design with asks me:

Got one more query for you if you don’t mind. For some reason, my page is no longer showing up on the “Updated Weblogs” page, although it does show up on referrals and rankings. I’ve been tuning a bit and it’s possible I deleted something but I don’t think so. I also compared my html for the homepage against a backup I have and I didn’t see anything obviously out of whack.

I’m guessing maybe it’s this bit:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!-- var imageUrl = ""; var imageTag = "<img src=\"" + imageUrl + "?group=default&usernum=1111&referer=" + escape (document.referrer) + "\" height=\"1\" width=\"1\">";
document.write (imageTag);

but that’s just a guess. Does any Radio expert want to confirm or correct?