Salon rankings

Well, the race is on. Will I catch up to the (on vacation) Plan B blognovel to become the number two all-time Salon blog after Scott? Or will the Cowgirl lap me before I make it?
For all I know I may have plateaued (that can’t be the right spelling) already. It’s embarassing to be beaten by both halves of filchyboy (I still don’t get what’s up with his site being registered at two usernums—it really cuts into his rank!).
At our current differential, RevCow will outstrip me in twelve days or fewer. I just have to hope Plan B’s vacation lasts that long! Nevertheless, I’m afraid I’ll be back in third place again before long even if I do make it to the coveted (if meaningless) number two spot. I shouldn’t count out Michel Vuijlsteke either, especially not if he spots another topless model sometime soon.
At least I’m keeping ahead of the anonymous Pornographer.