We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

It is ironic that having just paid for Radio I am now running into serious difficulties. The main problems are:

  • My last few posts won’t publish
  • My site design won’t update when applied to the home page or to categories
  • Attempts to reach http://blogs.salon.com/0001111/2002/08/20.html lead to an error message

Unfortunately this means I’m spending all my time trying to diagnose and fix the problem and very little time writing or trolling the web for interesting and relevant material.
One issue may be that my “Cloud Status” shows 1% of 10.0MB free. Could it be that my new entries aren’t posting because they are too big? But how could I possibly have filled 10 meg with most plain text in just a month? Also, my Radio pplication says “20 meg free,” or more literally:
Radio UserLand 8.0.8: 20.0MB free, 8:51:29 AM; 5 threads; 9 hits.
So, really, I’m just confused, and frustrated.
Posting this to all categories in hopes of breaking the logjam.