Bit the bullet

Just now finally got around to upgrading the version of Movable Type driving this X-POLLEN blog. Since I installed version 2.5 there was a 2.51 upgrade and possibly a 2.52, and then the recent more substantial release of 2.6, quickly followed by bugfixes 2.61 and 2.62. So I managed to avoid a lot of interim upgrades.

Now I have to poke around a little, make the comments closeable (Textpattern has a nice feature that makes comments close after x amount of time, such as two weeks), maybe choose a Create Commons license for my various MT-driven sites, see what else is new.

I also finally installed pMachine today. It looks kind of cool but probably not worth switching anything over for. The pro version has some droolworthy features but then the teaser’s for the upcoming pro version of MT sounds awfully good too.