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Damn! I subscribe to Mike Watt’s mailing list and wade through tons of announcements for gigs in the southland and then I miss a rare Banyan appearance in an intimate SF room? What’s wrong with me? How frustrating. It’s been too long since I heard my favorite bass player.

Scot Hacker was there:

To Elbo Room w/Chris, Nada, Mike to see Banyan—Mike Watt (bass) and Nels Cline (guitar), Stephen Perkins (drums), and a small horn section. Each of these guys has a long and mixed history, but as Watt said to an interviewer, “working in our “song” bands is like sitting alone writing, while Banyan is like conversation.” An outrageously fluid stomping improvisatory conversation. Watt as always solid and rooted and inventive without being quirky and… []