Camper back together for real

It now appears that the one-time Camper Van Beethoven reunion shows last fall were some kind of dry run for a more substantial reunion.

Look at all the tour dates listed at the Cracker site.

The show I saw was a great nostalgia trip for me and it seemed to be an almost religious experience for some of the younger folks who missed out on seeing CVB before their untimely breakup around 1989 or ’90.

Still, like any reunified band, if they don’t work up some new material, the act is going to get stale. Since they were always pretty tight, despite a kind of jammy-loose feel to their arrangements, I thought the show felt a bit like a re-tread, even with Jonathan Segel (I know I always misspell his last name) once again in the band.

Still, it looks like Andrew Bayer may get a chance to see them after all this time around.