Check, 1, 2

Well, first the New York blackout knocked all my sites off the air just in time for Fair and Balanced day, and then when the power came back to my server on Saturday all my domains came up except for Puzzled, I finally realized that by a cosmic coincidence, the domain name registration had expired at that same weekend. It makes sense. I started this blog about a year and a few weeks ago, and it was after a few weeks that I registered my own domain (intuitively following Robb’s Law without knowing what to call it yet), even though it was another few months before I transferred the site over.
So, I renewed and for another year and when they got to the office in Germany, I assume, and counted up my Euros, they switched the DNS back on, it re-propagated out, and here we are, none the worse for a several-day hiatus.
It’s kind of weird being off the air when you are used to having an instant soapbox any time you like. First I set up Radio Free TypePadistan as a home-away-from-home (in fact, I may move some entries over from there), but on the weekend I didn’t even bother posting. It was like a forced vacation and it wasn’t so bad.