Coffee: elixir of life, industrial lubricant

Peet's logoI rejoiced a week or so ago when I learned that Peet’s was about to reintroduce Aged Sumatra beans after a several-year hiatus. I am drinking it right now. Sumatra is fine as it goes, but the aged stuff is just incredible. Mellow, chocolate-y, rich, flavorful. My endorsement for the day.

PowerShot S100 DIGITAL ELPHHowever, over the weekend, through an unfortunate mishap, my digital camera ended up marinating in Peet’s Aged Sumatra for several minutes, long enough to soak the LCD, the viewfinder, and gopod knows what other delicate elements inside.

The guilty party and her friend spent many tense minutes removing the eleven tiny screws that secure the outside casing and then draining, drip-drying, swabbing, and blotting as much coffee as possible from the interior. Last I looked the viewfinder was still opaque. At this point they’re having trouble reattaching the cover and of course we haven’t tried using the thing yet. Fingers crossed that it may work out just right and that dusty dried coffee residue will not interfere with any delicate electronics.