Going down to the x road

(Ramblings from last week on xianlandia.com):

Never get there on time. So I’m falling behind on testing Textpattern and while I like the spigots idea is it still too complicated for me to wrap a less dynamic not-really-a-blog page idea around?

Or do I need to push it up a notch. Does the output side of PEP require a more XML to infinity and beyond! approach a la Ftrain? Will I ever get a grip on XSL? Is that all just a distraction from writing?

And what about the input side, speaking of spigots? Why so hard to flow RSS back into new blog entries elsewhere (oops, I don’t mean blog but just perma-archived-nano-content-bitlets)? Fancy version of pMachine does it but something about that system not have way with me. For the more potentially collaborative projects (such as mediajunkie) where the personal part of PEP (personal expression platform) becomes less important, a solution like Drupal may be the bomb that out daisyclutters the various *nuke implementations.

These and other stray thoughts will never be followed up upon in any clearly discernable way, not without Paul Ford’s memex-building pathway moss-covered three-handled family impresarienza, and in the end this post will merely serve to repaint the x-ism page at xianlandia.com and trickle through to the moth-eaten radio free blogistan outpost.