I'll call you elphy junior

PowerShot S230 DIGITAL ELPHWell, it turns out immersion in coffee is not good for digital camera. Our local camera shop (down on Lake Shore, and it’s cool we have one – the old typewriter repair shop on College in Elmwood closed recently), sent it back to Canon for a $20 estimate. Turns out they can fix it or replace the ruined parts at least for $327+. This isn’t much cheaper than the newer models in their Powershot line, so today we ordered me an S230. It should come by Friday.

It’s been tough. I’d gotten used to real-world real-time screen grabs on the spur of the moment. I’ve realized that the digital camera is an essential, if underutilized, component in my ongoing tightrope walk of self-expression, teetering always between art and ego diddling.

Say, is there some sort of cradle that would enable me to use the camera as a webcam when it’s not otherwise engaged?