Jazz Fest 2003, day 1

…took a bunch of pictures, here are just a few (insterspersed among a quick rundown of music and eats)…
large iced café au lait
3 beignets

b with coffee and beignets plus s

Hackberry Ramblers (Fais Do-Do stage)
… their 70th anniversary, fresh back from Europe and the Today Show, their 16th straight year at Fest… some technical difficulties, gremlins, intros, 3rd song, Jolie Blonde (Hackberries were the first to record it):


Los Sagitarios (Congo Square stage)
heard en route to:
soft-shell crab po’boy
large unsweetened rosemint tea
back to Hackberries for Johnny B. Goode (“you will be the leader of a Cajun band”) and later Proud Mary
spicy crawfish sushi roll
Quintology (Jazz tent)


large mandarin orange tea
crawfish strudel
Ivan Neville’s Dumpsta Phunk (Louisiana Heritage stage)

elvis digs ivan

…did, among others, “People Say” by the Meters, an original called “Life’s Been Good,” “Just Kissed My Baby” …
the fonk gets b up and dancing:


look at me, I’m so candid:


b takes my picture, I say “howdy”:


La Volée d’Castors of Canada (Fais Do-Do)
possibly from Cape Breton?


wild cherry snowball
Revealers (Congo Square)
b get Fest Howahya shirt – this year’s pattern is purple and pink crawfish
(b has mango freeze)
(b has softshell crab po’boy, with my help)
large crawfish bread… too big! too cheesy! very spicy
Jelly Roll (Economy Hall tent)
Jelly Roll Morton tribute with Vernel Bagneris and Morten Gunnar Larsen… a tad didactic
b gets new straw hat, collapsible, extended brim
Lizz Wright (Jazz tent)


up-and-coming chanteuse, her album comes out in a few weeks, very young (23), rich, mellifluous voice… two originals, an a capella song, a unique arrangement of Mongo Santamaria’s “Afro Blue” with lyrics by (check this), for her encore she does “Amazing Grace,” definitely Gospel-influenced, keep an eye out for her…
[I took over 50 pictures all together, slide show of the best on request.]