Locked out, loaded

I did something very bad to Internet Explorer 2.2 for the Mac and now it crashes whenever it tries to start up. I downloaded a replacement and installed it but the problem remains. Something in the configuration or preferences must be triggering the problem, I suppose.

A side effect of this is that I’m using Chimera and Safari a lot more, which makes me face up to the design problems with this and other pages.

No progress, yet, but at least I’m facing up to them, right?

It’s funny, though, that I’m experiencing this as a forced fast. I’m sort of waiting to see if I feel a need to get IE working again. About the only thing it has that I might like to have is up-to-date cookies in the Well’s web interface (Engaged) so that I don’t have to find my place again in the few conferences I’ve been able to keep up with lately (mostly flame.ind).

I guess if it gets to be enough of a problem, I’ll deal with it. For now I’m preferring Chimera over Safari, and that’s not just because my design for RFB renders badly in Safari.