maybe… when first light ray shows up after the war I will start up a blog

Late last year I had been encouraging Delshad to start a blog, but he has been on the move most of the time since then. Yesterday he wrote from Erbil:

Dear Xian,

I’m now Erbil and most possibly move to some village or town far from here… I really don’t like to do that nor my family or the whole people in Kurdistan but we have fears from chemical weapon use against us or even bombed by Saddam if the American troops are inside cities.. there are lot risks to fear and we can’t jeopardize… I’ll see if we can stay here, I don’t like leaving home and going to somewhere else !!

I was reading the blogs, it’s really interesting and I would love to have one, but I don’t think I can update it at all in the recent period, I don’t think I’ll have access to Internet at all till things will settle down here. I think you don’t know that I am back to work but in a different city’s office and I am back to Erbil now to join family as we are living an emergency case and most staff left home for that case.. I was supposed to be one of the key staff to stay till last moment but thanks Allah they realized I can’t be away of my family in such hard days and let me go!!

Maybe when I’m back to work when first light ray shows up after the war I will start up a blog to let the people out there know how is it down here!

I’ll keep in contact soon when I can… thanks for
your good wishes.. thanks.


I hope he does…