Mick takes the bait

I realize I’m falling for a deliberate imitative “fallacy” when Nick Denton contrasts the Iraq/antisemitism storyline with one about drunken Irishmen. It reminds me of an EU chart in a late ’80s copy of the Economist I was reading for free on one of my first flights from New York to San Francisco. There were cute little ethnic stereotype cartoons labeling each of the lines on the graph. The one for Ireland was a moon-faced little leprechaun-looking guy hoisting a foamy pint.

If you trace back through my New York Republican roots you quickly hit Philadelphia Irish machine Democrats … (go on?).

[UPDATE: Ordinarily I don’t make note of typo corrections, but it appears that by spelling stereotype as ‘sterotype’ on the same day that Instapundit did, I made Daypop’s Word Bursts page. Anyway, I fixed the spelling once I noticed it over there.]