Not yet 40 and not a killer

Noticed a bunch of visitors coming from an unfamiliar referrer. It turns out to be a message board for players of some online game. Apparently one of the participants is a French-speaking 15-year-old from Canada who goes by the online handle ‘xian’. The mother of one of the other teen participants in the game Google for xian. The old link to RFB is the top result for xian at Google these days, so she looked at my blogchalk info and decided that there an adult male was posing as a teenage girl, perhaps to gather personal information from the other teens in the game.

In the course of the discussion it became clear that there is more than one xian in the world and that the game player was legitimately who she said she was. I’m not sure where the idea that “xian is a killer” got into the conversation but I hope it’s lingo from the game and not a real-life aspersion.

It’s strange to see myself refracted in this way, but I guess it comes with the Googleshare territory.