Seybold SF, Day One

Attendance seems sparse today. I brushed up on browser compatability issues and learned a lot of useful tricks for optimizing graphics. I skipped a content-management session I was thinking of attending at the last minute. Going through the schedule, I see a lot of conflicts, so I’m glad I’ll be able to download the powerpoints and handouts after the fact to fill in the gaps.
Also, I got to say hello to Molly. There’s a reception at Chevy’s for WOW (Webmasters of the World) presenter tonight from 5:30 to 7:30 tonight and I’ll be there too.
My only complaint so far is the wireless access: nonexistent today and expected to be spotty for the rest of the week (mainly on the pavilion floor). This means the students in my weblog class will not be able to log in as a guest at my dummy Blogger blog, Still Blogging After All These Years, as I had hoped, which means more of me talking at the class and less hand’s-on tutorial doing. Oh well.