Smarter orange with quickSub

Methodize Solutions has released quickSub a Javascript widget for turning the ubiquitous orange XML buttons into something actual clickable. This smarter version of the usual syndication link pops up a contextual menu offering you the choice of subscribing to the feed with one of many aggregator choices:

Subscribe to Radio Free Blogistan’s syndicated feed (RSS 2.0 flavor)
The list of options is far from complete (Where’s FeedDemon? Where’s NetNewsWire?), but the Methodize people ask agg makers to get in touch to be included. Then again, as the list gets longer it might become unwieldy. Still, praise LazyWeb for this innovation.
I think I feel a massive aggregator comparison project coming on. Reading through my year-ago today material has made me a little nostaligc for those old-school head-to-head comparisons. Massive matrix grids comparing finely granular features are cool too, but sometimes it’s more fun to put two products in the ring and let them slug it out mano a mano. Maybe I should be pitching this as an article to computer trade publications or websites?