Spare minimum

The reverse cowgirl told me about this 5 line site, saying “thought this might vaguely entertain you.”

The challenge, make a self portrait in 5 lines. Before studying the rules (380 x 380, what constitutes a line) I started doodling in the empty spaces left in a recently filled note book.

These were my first two tries, the second obviously an elaboration on the first. Then I tried to recall an old icon doodle and did that without counting the lines.

Then I tried to get that effect with 5 lines.

Switched to my gold pen.

Too fat!

OK, that’s enough of that.


Put the eyes back in. That one has attitude.


Then I filled up this page:

  1. This was already there from before, a headless torso.
  2. Another kokopelli mouth guy.
  3. Tried to incorporate an old chess-piece keyhole madonna motif and came up with a demented Homer Simpson.
  4. Tried it again. What is that? A fish?
  5. Too pumpkin-y, but the hair gives me ideas later.
  6. Weird idea. Totally doesn’t look like me.
  7. Idea about doing a bust, first try.
  8. The hair idea, but the face goes robotic with only one line to work with. Idea of being profligate with the lines.
  9. Again.
  10. Face looks like a dollar sign.
  11. Best try.
  12. Could use in a cartoon.
  13. The old 2-face trick.

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