Test of metaxian trackback egopendium,

Test of metaxian trackback egopendium, Take 2.

Apologies for the duplicate post. I will remove these if this works:

If this works, then metaxian will include a reference to this post.

If it doesn’t, I will learn more about how to ping a site with TrackBack automatically, won’t I? Or more about how not to.

(Hey, I learned I had to go into metaxian and set up a category to be the ping catcher, and that the incoming pings would not automatically generate entries in the meta blog, so I’ll have archiving problems eventually.)

Anyway, set that up, changed artsflow to ping the right thing, I’m reposting this, then I’ll rebuild. Or maybe I should rebuild first? Damn! I’ll save this as a draft, rebuild, and then publish.

OK, figured out the next problem. It was that I had added a passphrase but hadn’t updated the ping address. Fixed that. Might have to make a new entry to test.