That's now monolog

Hey, remember how Radio Free Blogistan used to include other stuff I had blogged elsewhere that wasn’t about blogging too? Well that’s now monolog. When I switched RFB over to a Movable Type backend, I resolved to turn it into a niche-focused blog. Embrace the metablogging, or at least quarantine it off into this one space. Sure, I added the headlines from my other blogs and projects to the sidebar, but I’m not reposting stuff from my journal or my political weblog or my writing projects or my arts newsletter here anymore. All that stuff does appear in monolog.

As I mentioned recently, I’m currently in the process of recruiting some new contributors to RFB, so that it may turn into more of a collaboratively filtered group weblog. Many2Many is a good example of such a thing. Blogistan will continue to be a focused source of news and discussion about weblogs (and relate topics: syndication, microcontent, and so on). I’ll even clear out the non-blog-related categories eventually. There’s always a lot of pruning tasks on the gardening list.

Hey , it’s a blog; things evolve incrementally.