The RSS evangelist

Chris Pirillo’s preaching the Word about RSS. Can he get an amen, somebody?

[Note: This post is destined for RFB, but I don’t remember how I set up the email-to-blog system and I’m away from the desktop client where I have Radio set up and it’s behind a firewall on a dynamic IP anyway, so I’m running into the first real problem of using Radio to aggregrate all my posts and as the CMS for my blog-about-blogging (and related technologies). If I have to keep working offsite as I am today, this may hasten some plans I have of moving things around and rearranging the workflow and syndication flow of my various content properties. As it is, posting this to my sketchy x-ism blog will result in it being picked up at RFB, but only if I get someone to stop by my home office and wake up my tiMac, and even then it will only appear in my x-syndicate category until I go in manually and promote it to the home page.]