Unguided tour of Pompeii

Over the years, one of the most popular articles at Enterzone has always been the Unguided Tour of Pompeii by co-founder Richard Frankel, which appeared in our second issue, in early 1995. Rich had been on a dig in Pompeii a little whiel before before, and he wanted to show some of his photographs and write up some of his impressions in an informal way. Just today we got a nice note from a reader saying, in part,

I went on a tour of Pompeii via the efforts of Mr Frankel and I am very, very thankful for his efforts – the small remarks underneath each picture are charming. It is unlikely I will ever get to travel and see all that I would like to see, and I am blessed that people like you are out there, adding goodness and beauty to life!

One problem with the page had been the old server-side image map, which was no longer working since we had moved the site at least once without fixing the related CGIs. So, inspired by the positive feedback, I went in just now and recast the map as a (much more common now, on the Web) client-side image map, and it works like a charm. I feel so much better.