All the king's horses

We’re waiting for the dust to settle around provisional ballots and the like but it appears that despite the distributed efforts of a revitalized liberal movement to get out the vote and mobilize as many supporters as possible, the Republicans managed to poll 3 million more popular votes than the Democrats in this presidential election.
Ironically, with Ohio in dispute, the precedent from last time around will prevent an argument for closure from the popular margin (although it looks to be six times larger than Gore’s in 2000), and we may have to wait for the counting of provisional ballots and absentee ballots and possibly even recounts and the return of close examinations of the chad kind.
With the spotlight first on Dean for America and more recently Act for Victory, Move On, and organizations like that conducting unprecedented get out the vote efforts, less attention has been paid in the media to the largest ground game ever mounted by the Republican party. A closer look at the Republican’s use of its large email list and targeted GOTV will surely be part of the postmortem on this election.
And so to bed.