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Pete also wrote

I found the “arts orgs go online” reference that’s been nagging me. It’s an old program, though, no longer kept up: OpenStudio.
I knew of a couple of Bay Area theater groups that explored this in the late 90s; I remembered it as more “connected” than simply building better websites. The main idea was, if we train some folks how to build sites for their organizations, it’ll be part of their brief to go out and train folks at other organizations.
Most of the arts groups that have something actually happening online (beyond informational sites, box office, and perhaps discussion forums) are either digital galleries or basic volunteer sign-up.
Online fundraising for nonprofit arts orgs ( is a wider civic-action site).
Resources for arts orgs:
Colo Arts, Oriscus, Amer Assn of Community Theatre,
Network for Good.

Liza Sabater at Culture Kitchen is working on some online arts projects as well.