Credentials, schmedentials

Uncredentialed bloggers at the RNC now have a headquarters to work from (MyDD :: NYC GOP street bloggers):

the venue is called the tank, and it’s located at the Douglas Fairbanks Theater, about a 15-minute walk NW of Madison Square Garden.
the proprietors of the tank have generously offered to open their internet connection and allow bloggers to use the tank as an ad-hoc headquarters.
they will have both wireless and ethernet connections available. i don’t know if they will be requesting donations for use of their bandwidth, but i’d certainly recommend that you earmark a few bucks for their tip jar.

i will be using the tank as my hub during the convention. i’ve been recruited to do some street blogging for the majority report during the convention. i know that a lot of you will be going, and i’m hoping that someone reading this entry knows how to set up an aggregator for the nyc street bloggers (kinda like dave did with the dnc convention bloggers). i will be happy to provide the web space if someone with the know-how will volunteer to set it up. also, if you plan on blogging the convention, leave a link to your site so i can start compiling a list for the aggregator.