Don't expect a polished master narrative from individual citizen witnesses

Bob Jacobson called the bloggers here at the DNC “irrelevant” in comments on this entry: Good analysis of convention blogging @ Radio Free Blogistan.
My reply:

Well, everything’s predictable in hindsight. Dan’s analysis is the first I’ve seen. (David Weinberger agreed with me that he nailed the concept of event blogging.) It’s one thing to say “anyone could have written that.” It’s another thing to write it and sign your name and publish it online.
Second, blogging may be irrelevant to you, but it’s a strawman to expect blogging to provide a coherent narrative to an inherently chaotic circumstance. I wonder if anyone really expected that?
At best we can contribute to the kaleidoscopic perceptions by witnessing the events and attesting to our own perceptions.
Finally, check the Afro-Netizen post Liza links to today and tell me that blog entry is irrelevant, when the networks didn’t bother to broadcast Obama’s speech and the newspapers here in Boston the next day featured a canned “Ted Kennedy leads the attack” summary on the front pages.